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We do payments, so you can do business.


We know it's people that really make businesses tick. But it helps to have the right tools and support.

Which is why we've made it our mission to create an innovative product suite that is easy for people to use - because sometimes (mostly) business is complicated enough.

With the ability to manage payments in 170 countries, and in over 150 currencies, Bambora is a truly global payments processor. While we enjoy having our global company hats on, it's our local knowledge and ambitious teams we're really proud of. We come with a history of servicing merchants and suppliers with outstanding online payment and eCommerce support, and we're always keen to re-learn and re-adapt to our ever-evolving industry to stay ahead of the pack.

Bambora HQ is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and we have offices around the world in Canada, United States, Denmark, Norway and Finland. Here in the Pacific, we're based out of Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland, and are delighted to work with a range of fantastic businesses across multiple industries and sectors. We've had a strong market presence - in different guises - for over 30 years.

Since October 28, 2020, Bambora has joined Worldline group. Learn more about Worldline here.

We look forward to sharing what we can do for your business!