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What does ”declined” really mean?

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An error code in your terminal can be stressful, both for staff and customers. To quickly resolve any problems it’s therefore good to be familiar with the different error codes and understand why a purchase isn’t going through. Here are some of the most common reasons for a terminal declining a purchase and some tips on what you can do.


This simply means that the card issuing bank can’t approve the transaction. The reason for this can vary, from there not being enough money on the cardholders account, the card being blocked or that the terminal doesn’t support a certain type of transaction (for example withdrawing money from the account when making a purchase or using the magnetic stripe on a card issued in Europe). In other cases it could be technical problems that stop the issuer from authorizing the purchase.

Regardless of the reason for this error code, it usually doesn’t work to carry out the same transaction in the same way again. If the issuer can’t approve the transaction it usually has a good reason for it and it’s unlikely that it will go through a second time. But if the problem is that the cardholder has insufficient funds, it can work to try a transaction for a smaller amount.

Because of new EU regulations, contactless purchases can also lead to this error code and the customer can try to insert the card’s chip in the terminal instead. If the customer has sufficient funds on in their account and still can’t carry out the transaction they should contact the card issuing bank.

"Communication error"

In most cases, this error code is caused by a network problem that leads the terminal to loose connection to us. The first thing you can do if this happens is to make sure that all cables are properly connected to your terminal.
If that doesn’t solve the problem you could check that your router is working and try to restart it. After the router has been restarted you can also try to restart the terminal by pressing CLEAR and [.,’] at the same time.

If you have a wireless terminal you can also try restarting it by pressing CLEAR and [.,’] at the same time. If the terminal has a Bluetooth connection you can also make sure that the terminals Bluetooth icon is visible, if it isn’t you might have to reconnect it to the docking station. If none of these steps work you can reach out to our customer support for help.

“Please hand over to cashier\nPress 0”

This message appears when the terminal can’t connect with the card network and instead processes the transaction in “offline” mode. The cashier then has to approve the offline purchase and enter the terminal code that you got in your welcome letter. Instructions for how to do this are shown in the terminal display. With any offline transaction the terminal will also provide an extra receipt that the cashier has to save.

It’s important to remember that offline purchases are done at your own risk. Since the terminal can’t connect with the card network, the authorization is instead done locally with the card’s chip. These transactions are then saved in the terminal until it regains connection with the card network. This is always associated with a risk and transactions can be lost if there is a problem with the terminal before it goes back online and can upload the saved transactions.

”Invalid terminal keys”, ”Err. Sec” or ”Alert irruption”

All these error messages indicate that the terminals “shell protection” has been triggered. This can happen if the terminal has been damaged or someone has tried to manipulate it. To avoid the terminal being misused the terminal is disabled and has to be repaired. If this happens you should contact us for help.

”Please settle”

This message means that you need to perform the terminal’s end-of-day procedure for one of the following reasons.

1. No settlement has been done for 24 hours, which is required.
2. The terminal’s local memory is full. That usually means that a number of offline purchases have been stored on the terminal and need to be uploaded to free up memory.

In both cases the problem is fixed by following the terminals instructions and carrying out the end-of-day procedure.

”Terminal blocked”

This error message appears when the terminal doesn’t have connection to Bambora’s servers. To solve this issue you need to update the terminal’s parameters and carry out the end-of-day procedure. You should carry out these steps before you try to process any transactions. If you don’t, you run the risk of the terminal being “reset” which will result in stored offline transactions being erased.

To update the terminals parameters follow these steps:

Press “Menu”, “Settings” and then choose “Update parameters”. Enter the terminal code followed by OK (the green button). The terminal will download the new parameters and will show you the progress of the download on the screen. When the download reaches 100% the terminal will reboot. When this is done you can carry out the end-of-day procedure.