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The missing link: cross-border payments


The Missing Link Cross Border Payments The Missing Link Cross Border Payments Placehoder

In these days of Dynamic Current Conversion (DCC), you might think that cross-border payments are now completely streamlined.

In fact, that’s not quite the case. There’s a good chance that an acquirer may be using DCC in one country but not in another, typically for legacy reasons. It’s restrictive, and that’s bad news for merchants.

With Bambora Connect, we started from the ground up, using a cloud-based payment gateway and the latest technologies to ensure there are no missing pieces in our payments jigsaw.

So when tourists want to pay using their native currencies – which involve different rules, banking and financial structures – it just works. And when the complication of EMV certification and differing fees for those cards raises its head, it just works too.

ISVs who are integrating payments into POS need to avoid these technicalities as much as the merchant! That’s why choosing payment integration with a service provider who provides a pan-European, cross-border payment platform – including the underlying big data and merchant analytics – solves the problem. Transactions are converted at the point of sale, and that leads to a better customer experience and happier merchants.

A lot goes into making that happen, and even more goes into making it simple and seamless. But it’s finally been achieved in a low-cost way (and for the first time, we believe) with Bambora Connect.