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Smooth payments for online healthcare


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Sweden’s biggest private healthcare company, Praktikertjänst, consists of over 1 000 clinics across the country. Because of that, having an all-in-one payment solution has been an important tool in making their complex business a little more manageable. Bambora has given Praktikerjtänst just that and as they expand into online healthcare, Bambora is, of course, taking care of the payments.

Praktikertjänst stands out among Sweden’s healthcare companies. The company is made up of over 1 000 individual clinics, providing everything from dental care to psychiatry, and is owned by the 1 800 managers of those clinics. The idea behind this set-up is to combine the patient-oriented and small-scale healthcare of the clinics with a more centralized administration.

This unique business model has helped Praktikertjänst become the country’s largest private healthcare provider, but it has also brought its own challenges. Making so many “moving parts” work in unison requires a lot of cooperation and smart solutions. As one example, Agneta Loveman, the section chief for Economy and Finance at Praktikertjänst, explains that the business model requires a payment solution that is flexible, easy to use and that facilitates accounting.

“These things are extremely important to us. We often say that we draw up 2 000 separate balance sheets per month in one legal entity”, she explains.

"With a good cooperation you can work miracles and I feel that we have a great cooperation with Bambora where we find solutions together. That is greatly appreciated from our side”


Because of this, Agneta Loveman thinks that Praktikertjänst’s partnership with Bambora has been an important key to making their payments run smoothly. With Bambora, Praktikertjänst get an all-in-one solution for all their payments, where Bambora does everything from delivering card terminals and handling acquiring to dealing with invoice payments. Bambora has also helped Praktikertjänst to set up an automated handling of all the clinics’ accounting data.

“I think that the partnership aspect is very important in this. With a good cooperation you can work miracles and I feel that we have a great cooperation with Bambora where we find solutions together. That is greatly appreciated from our side”

Bambora is helping Praktikertjänst go online

Agneta Loveman thinks that this partnership will continue to play a vital role as Praktikertjänst is now developing the next step of their business. In August, Praktikertjänst launched Praktikertjänst24, a digital healthcare service that allows patients to conduct digital visits to a number of Praktikertjänst’s clinics.

The new service was initially launched in six clinics and Bamboras online solution, Bambora Checkout, is used for all the payments. That way, Praktikertjänst can expand onto this new and growing market but still retain the simplicity of one payment partner.

“It feels really exciting for us to try out this new service and to see what kind of difference it can make on healthcare as a whole”, Agneta Loveman says.



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