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Payment solution within 24h

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7 APRIL 2020

Kuntosali Takomo

Customer since 2019

Payment terminal and aqcuiring

3 min read

There are million things in mind while starting a business; rent, insurances, staff, tools – and much more. When there is a rush, the more unnoticeable, but extremely important part, often gets behind other matters. That is why it is important for businesses to have the opportunity to get started with their payments even with short notice. Read more about how we delivered a pre-configured payment terminal and acquiring to a Finnish merchant within 24 hours.

Kuntosali Takomo is a gym located in a Finnish town Kellokoski. This gym has been offering wellbeing services for the loclas for years and last year the family business got a new owner, when daughter Priyanti Tuunainen bought the gym from her parents. The young entrepreneur, who at the moment also studies sports and wellbeing business, has followed her parents business for many years and felt that this would be the natural step for both her and the company.

Kuntosali Takomo differs from large gym chains with its flexibility; it is not mandatory for the customers to join as long term members, as they can use the services according to their own needs. Gym goers can work out either by one off sessions, with a monthly card or they can buy ten time access cards. Most of their customers pay the service by card at the gym or with wellbeing notes. As a luxury, the gym goers can also buy sport massage services.

”We want to offer a pleasant work out experience for all our customers – regardless of their age or level of fitness.”


Tuunainen enjoys communicating with the customers and helping them in tips. The current pandemic has of course affected this massively, as the visitor numbers are lower and opening times have been set according to the Finnish governments guidelines. Customers have always been encouraged for good hygiene, but now the gym has put even more effort to this and have also started to wash work out tools many times a day. The next few months will be challenging, but there is a glimpse of hope in the future. When the current situation of the world is over, Tuunainen believes people will crave for wellbeing services even more than before.

Becoming a Bambora merchant in 24h

After Tuunainen had bought the family business and began to make changes in the business, Bambora’s sales specialist contacted her. After a short bidding of services, the entrepreneur decided to choose Bambora as a payment partner because she felt the service fit her needs.

”We received a good and clear offer from Bambora right away. I also understood how important it is to have good customer service from the start, without having to wait”, says Tuunainen.

After the decision was made, the sales specialist went through full service description by phone and Tuunainen signed the agreement digitally the same day. And unbelievably, a pre-configured and ready for use terminal arrived with DHL delivery the next day.

“Bambora’s contact person did promise a fast service, but I never imagined we could approve card payments next day already”, Tuunainen laughed.

Omnichannel payment partner

At the moment, Kuntosali Takomo’s customers can pay for their work outs by card at the gym, by paying directly to the company’s bank account or by MobilePay. In the future vision, Tuunainen sees the gym opening a webshop for customers to use. It would provide gym visitors an easy way to pay outside opening hours, while giving the company a clear reporting on all payment traffic. For this, Bambora’s Finnish online solution PayForm is a strong option, meaning all payment services would be from the same provider. And the service is top quality, with all payment methods needed, plug-in integrations to multiple web shop platforms and an option to send payment links.

”Bambora has a fast service and great overall solutions. I am extremely happy”, Tuunainen says.