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Payment partnerships. Who is all ears


1 min read

In the world of payments, ‘partnership’ takes on great meaning. And so it should: the payments arena is way too big for a single player; partnerships are critical and can make or break even the best payment solution.

Unfortunately, not all acquirers have a strong reputation for listening: solutions are too often created in isolation.

At Bambora, we’ve fought hard to avoid that trap. We truly want to create great customer experiences, and delivering effective POS and payment integration is exactly what it takes. Bambora Connect does that part by delivering the best and fastest integration experience, which is just what ISVs have asked for.

We’ve put as much hard work into Bambora’s partnership model. We’re a company that thrives on customer feedback (and acts on it) which means we continually improve our bonds with ISVs, create stronger revenue models and deliver solutions that improve merchant satisfaction. As evidence, Bambora has extremely high Net Promoter Score ratings for customer experience – the kind that ISVs themselves would be proud of.

So if you’re interested in a partnership that genuinely puts the customer at the centre – we’re listening!