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Payment solutions for flexible business


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Client since 2016

Terminal and checkout via WEIQ

As one of Lund's (student city in southern Sweden) largest student nations with more than 3200 members, 95 officials and approximately 600 active functionaries, Malmö Nation is built by students for students. Within the nation there are different types of operations and the nation also hosts several different events during the year. What is of great importance for this flexible business is to have an easy-to-manage payment solution that constantly works regardless of location and user.

Malmö Nation has been a customer of Bambora since 2016 with the product Bambora One, which includes both card terminals and acquiring. In December 2019, Malmös also acquired a new payment solution for mobile purchases from Bambora's partner WEIQ. The biggest advantages of Bambora as a payment partner are, according to Malmö Nation’s PQE (CFO) Max Schömer, easy-to-manage and cost-effective payment solutions as well as a very good customer service.

Flexible business requires flexible solutions

Malmö Nation conducts a flexible business and nothing that can be compared to a regular restaurant or store. During most of the year, the nation is based in two premises, but they also have several events in other places. In order to adapt sales and to be able to use the existing terminals, all except one of Malmö's terminals are wireless. This in order to be able to move the terminals physically between the various premises. During one week, the same terminal can be used for reception, restaurant, nightclub and events, all in different locations.

“Due to our flexible and changing business, we have a large number of terminals in relation to our turnover, and therefore the fixed cost is of great importance to us, especially as our operation is closed 2.5 months over the summer. Bambora's solutions for terminals are very cost effective and this is a big advantage for us. During a regular business day, we use all our eight terminals, which is not the case for an ordinary restaurant or store.”, says Max Schömer, PQE Malmö Nation.

Short-term rentals at events

In addition to Malmö's need to be flexible in everyday life, extra flexibility is required at their larger events. A couple of times a year, Malmö Nation puts on a show and has larger events like Vårbalen and Valborg. At these events they have had artists such as Avicii, Kygo, Otto Knows and many more. During the events, there is high pressure on the cashiers and therefore both extra checkout systems and card terminals have been rented. Malmös has then been using Bambora's service for short-term rental of terminals and rented around 5-7 terminals for 1-2 months.

“It is very convenient that you can use the same system for the rental terminals that you use for your regular terminals. It really works seamlessly.”


Easy-to-manage payment solution

With active students volunteering within the nation, there is a high turnover among officials and functionaries. Before a new semester, about 45-50 new officials and a staff of about 200-300 people are rotating and all of them should be able to use the payment solutions. With a high turnover, one of the most important features of the payment solution, according to Max Schömer, is that it is easy to manage, it should be easy to learn and smooth to use.

Offers pre-sales in the mobile

In the fall of 2019, it was time to switch systems for pre-sales to Malmö's nightclub and the choice became Bambora's partner WEIQ, which offers purchases in a mobile app.

“In addition to offering a very good product, it’s smooth that WEIQ has Bambora as an acquirer, which means that I can extract similar reports for the new payment solution that I am already used to through Bambora Reports. This simplifies my job with accounting, especially for account reconciliation and financial statements. It is favorable to be able to link each revenue and cost to each specific product occasion.”, says Max Schömer.

Malmö Nation's hope is to have a big event in the autumn where the idea is to use WEIQ's app for pre-sales as sales will start before all students have come to Lund for the semester.

Quick support

With a flexible business that includes nightclubs, the card terminals sometimes need to be changed. Max has been in contact with Bambora's support a couple of times and is very pleased with their response and prompt management.

“I got a new terminal just after a day and sent the old one back in the same box, it worked really good. Same with receipt rolls, a quick call and I had them on the stairs a day later."


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