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Klubbtryck grows faster with Bambora


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2 JULY 2020

When Fredrik founded Klubbtryck a year ago, the goal was to simplify the sale of profile clothing for sports clubs, both for the buyers and the sellers. With Bambora as a payment provider, Klubbtryck can let several different associations share a single payment solution, which has been a key part of Klubbtryck’s growth journey.

The idea behind the company arose when the toddler dad Fredrik wanted to order profile clothes for his children. When he missed the only ordering opportunity of the year, he realized he would have to wait for a year until the next opportunity. He understood that there should be a better solution, and therefore took the matter into his own hands. Together with the printing and profile company The Brand Studio in Nynäshamn, he created the platform Klubbtryck, a web shop that basically consists of several different websites, where associations and sports clubs can easily sell profile clothes and accessories to their members. Klubbtryck, which is appreciated by both the customers and the sports clubs, is a collaboration between local companies and all products are printed and handled locally in Nynäshamn municipality. Christian Berntsson at The Brand Studio is the other driving force behind Klubbtryck and an experienced association profile in Nynäshamn.

Fast and personal service

However, gathering different associations under one and the same account was more difficult than Fredrik had expected, at least initially. Klubbtryck's first payment provider thought that the company should be managed as several different web shops, which required a whole new process with new accounts and API keys for each new association that wanted to join the platform. This proved to be very time-consuming: "It was totally impossible, at the beginning we had about two new customers a week, it took me several weeks to set up the payment system for these customers”, says Fredrik.

To solve the problem, the search for a new payment partner began, which was willing to handle Klubbtryck as a single web shop instead of several. Quite quickly Fredrik got in touch with Bambora, who welcomed the idea of letting Klubbtryck act as one web shop, thereby allowing several different associations to sell from the same account. The reason the choice became Bambora is partly due to the solution-oriented attitude, but also to the positive and committed response Fredrik received from a salesman, who also understood the needs of the business. According to Fredrik, the personal customer service is one of the main advantages of Bambora as a payment provider: "With Bambora we always get personal service and quick answers, it is so nice to not enter a large customer service where you are passed on from person to person".

"With Bambora we always get personal service and quick answers."


Offers the most popular payment methods

In addition to the good service, Bambora's range of payment methods also played an important role. With Bambora Checkout, Klubbtryck can offer exactly the payment methods their customers prefer. For Fredrik, it is important that no questions ever arise during the payment process itself, as it quickly loses customers: "With Bambora Checkout, Klubbtryck has got a simple payment solution that is easy to manage for both me and our customers”, says Fredrik.

Once the agreement was signed, Klubbtryck got started quickly. Today, Klubbtryck has 15 affiliated associations and several in the line. With Bambora as a payment partner, new associations can join in just a few days since everything is already in place.

Expands to several industries

Now Fredrik plans to open similar web shops together with The Brand Studio, but for new industries. Next in turn are musicians. The concept will be similar, but sports profile clothing will be replaced with the musicians' merchandise.

If Klubbtryck would have had another payment partner, which was not as solution-oriented, Fredrik believes that the business would have looked different today: "With another payment provider the implementation process would take longer, then we could not have grown this fast". Fredrik's advice to other retailers who want to open a web shop is to make it as simple as possible right from the start: “It should be easy to do the right thing”, he explains.

With Bambora Checkout you get everything you need to accept payments online, in one single contract. The solution is easy to integrate and has ready-made plug-ins for the most common e-commerce platforms, so that you can get started quickly regardless e-commerce platform. Read more about our online solutions here.

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