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Integration fears: gone in just 20 mins


Integration Fears Gone In Just 20 Minutes Integration Fears Gone In Just 20 Minutes Placehoder

If payment integration is on your radar, as it is for so many ISVs, you’ll have done your homework, or be in the process of doing it.

There’s a long list of integration challenges for sure: the kind you wouldn’t want to deal with from scratch, including security, compliance, cross-border payment capability, delivery of reporting, price plans, fast payouts and more. That’s before you even consider the challenge of integrating payment software and payment devices.

So the question is, how good is your potential partner at putting it all together? There’s lots you can learn through the speed of implementation of Bambora Connect, which is essentially ‘fear-free’. We’ve created powerful APIs which enable ISVs to do everything from payment card acceptance for Windows, iOS and Android apps, to backend integration, to verifying and onboarding merchants. There’s even EMV and PCI compliance built into the platform.

And that 20 minute headline figure? Well, that’s the time it will take your developer to integrate the Bambora Connect API and get started. And onboarding merchants will follow swiftly. For once this isn’t science fiction – it’s amazing payment integration the way it should be.