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How to clean your terminal

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2 min read

At this point, most people are well aware of the importance of keeping good hand hygiene and washing their hands regularly, but what about your card terminal? Dozens, if not hundreds, of customers touch the terminal every day, and anyone who touches it will leave traces of dirt or bacteria. These particles will spread further if you do not clean the terminal properly. Here are three things to keep in mind when cleaning your terminal.

Use disinfection

If a customer with bacteria on their hands enters a PIN code on your terminal, the next customer will unknowingly pick the bacteria up. Therefore, we urge all merchants to disinfect their terminal on a regular basis to prevent the spread of diseases. To remove dirt and virus from the terminal’s surface, you should use some type of antibacterial solution used for electronics. Spray on a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth. Remember to never spray directly on the terminal as this can cause moisture to enter the system.

Wipe right

When wiping the outside of the terminal, gently rub the damp cloth, one surface at a time. Remember to be especially careful around buttons, as dirt and bacteria easily attach to these areas. Around buttons and card slots, please use a dry cloth, as too much moisture can cause liquid to seep into the terminal and destroy the hardware.

Clean frequently

Exactly how often you should clean your terminal depends on how your sales look like. If you have many daily transactions, it may be difficult to clean the terminal after each time, but try to clean it as often as you can. If you have fewer sales opportunities, you can wipe the terminal every time a customer has touched it.

Bonus tips!

In addition to this cleaning process, there are some additional things you can do to prevent viruses from spreading through your terminal:

• Encourage customers to pay contactless - By letting your customers "blip" the card instead of putting it into the terminal and dialing a code, you minimize the risk of your terminal picking up viruses or bacteria.

• Offer payment via mobile wallets - An even more secure solution can be payment via mobile wallets, as the customer doesn’t have to touch the terminal at all.

• Make sure your staff has good hand hygiene - Encourage your staff to wash their hands regularly and keep disinfection for hands near the cash register.