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In recent years, a lot has happened at Cervera, several systems have been replaced as well as the payment terminals. The collaboration between Cervera and Bambora began in March 2019, when Cervera rolled out Bambora's overall solution to all its stores.

Journey of change

Cervera has been in Sweden for 30 years and as of today they have about 70 stores around Sweden of which 10 stores are franchised. Online you can find Cervera on their own channel cervera.se, and they also have a Norwegian webshop. During the last few years, Cervera has had a journey of change and a lot has happened. The transition has gone from independent stores to be a centrally controlled organization. This transition, together with the introduction of new systems and technical tools, is a great step in the right direction of Cervera's omni-journey.

Cervera has other news such as their new loyalty club, rolling inventories in their stores, differentiation of the product range in order to be adapted to the local customer, package wrapping for the e-commerce etc. An additional news is something that Cervera calls E-orders. A web order can be received in the store, for example if an item is out of stock, the purchase is paid in a Bambora terminal, the order is picked up at the central warehouse and sent directly to the customer.

”With about 70 stores scattered throughout Sweden, it is important for Cervera to be able to easily follow up sales with a real-time portal that works seamlessly.”



In April 2018, Cervera launched an omnichannel project that has now been a reality for just over a year. Cervera sees greater demands from its customers of a working interface between online and physical store, and that the customers require the same service in all channels. Cervera still believes strongly in physical stores and the role they play, both in terms of the customer experience and as a local warehouse. With Cervera's stores, they come closer to the customer. Cervera's goal is to become a World Champion in Omni, with the customers as a jury.

Follow-up is key

Being a centrally controlled organization with about 70 different stores, good follow-up capabilities facilitates the work. This is something that Bambora's online reporting tool Bambora Reports enables.

“Good follow-up capabilities are important for Cervera. A real-time portal is super important. We need a cost-effective solution as the margins in retail are low. The solution just has to work, it's a must with a stable solution.”, says Andrew Golrang, Head of Business Development and IT.

In addition to follow-up, factors such as reliability, ease of access and service spirit are important. Cervera relies on their payment partner to keep up with the latest in the payment world as well as to follow the development and that all laws and guidelines are followed.

The choice of Bambora as a supplier of payment solutions to the stores was made through a procurement. The factors weighed in were technology, references, price and development in the model, where Bambora had the best overall solution. The great advantages of having Bambora as a partner, according to Andrew Golrang, are the reliability and real-time portal.

”The factors weighed in were technology, references, price and development of the model, where Bambora had the best overall solution.”


Smooth integration

After over a year with Bambora as a payment partner, both parties can conclude that it has been a good collaboration. The roll-out of Bambora's overall solution went very well. A pilot was conducted where Cervera created instructions for installation. Cervera also got the chance to do the integration between the payment terminal and the cashier from scratch, which has contributed to a good interaction between the cashier and the terminal. This has resulted in few errors as well as good flow control.

“Bambora's support was extra available during the start-up process. Since then we have always received quick help with the few questions and problems we have had.”, says Andrew Golrang.

Double sales records

In December 2019, Cervera broke their sales record and the month became the best ever until January came and a new sales record was broken. Sales in comparable stores increased by 17% and e-commerce grew by 32%.

“During Christmas we have a big pressure in our stores and then the checkout process needs to be effective. Here, Bambora's terminals speed up the process since the customers can pay contactless. We also rented extra terminals during Christmas to about 20 stores to set up extra payment stations.”

Development for the future

Cervera has an exciting journey behind them to say the least, but perhaps an even more exciting journey ahead of them. Andrew Golrang reveals that there is an incredible amount of fun going on, but more than that he doesn’t want to reveal.

“We want to meet our customers' needs and an important parameter for the customers is that they can pay with the payment methods they want. This is something we want to develop and thus be able to offer even more payment solutions, especially to tourists who visit our stores."

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