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Payments designed for growth


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By focusing on simplicity and a world-class customer service, Carglass has established itself as the obvious choice when repairing or replacing damaged car windows. That philosophy is also mirrored in how Carglass Sweden has chosen its in-store payment solution. By making Bambora their total provider, Carglass Sweden got a payment solution that is both more flexible and makes it easier to grow.

Carglass Sweden is a part of the Belron Group, world leaders in repairing and replacing car glass that with over 16 million customers globally every year. With its 60 Swedish workshops, spread throughout the country, Carglass has also become a favourite among Swedes who need to fix or replace damaged car windows.

According to Arne Berger, CFO of Carglass Sweden, there are two decisive factors behind the company’s success: their extensive technical expertise and a world-class customer service, with a net promotor score of 85% for the whole group.

“We are very good at what we do and customer satisfaction is our overarching focus in everything. It’s all about making our customers happy enough that they become brand ambassadors for us”, Arne Berger says.

“We want to focus on simplicity in everything and that includes the payments. Even if you don’t always think about them, payments have to be smooth”.


Payments are critical to the customer service
In practice, this philosophy means that every customer should get quick help to repair or replace their car window, regardless of where they live or what type of car they have. To make that possible Carglass has over 3.5 million glass panes in-stock. But making life easier for customers doesn’t end with having the right type of glass handy; equally important is the ability to make the whole process smooth.

“We want to focus on simplicity in everything and that includes the payments. Even if you don’t always think about them, payments have to be smooth”.

This pursuit of simplicity was a big reason for Carglass choosing to make Bambora their total provider for the payment solution in their workshops. Bambora was already the acquirer for Carglass card transactions and they saw a big up-side in getting their card terminals from the same supplier.

“What we appreciate the most is getting a complete solution and a competitive price. It is also clear that Bambora has a focus on flexibility and that is essential today, there has to be a flexibility around how the customer wants to pay”.

In order to give the customers that flexibility, Carglass has also tested allowing customers to pay through invoice in the terminals. In addition, they have also added the mobile payment method Swish as a payment alternative after making the workshops “cash-free”.

All-in-one solution makes it easier to grow
Another big benefit that Carglass sees in Bambora’s all-in-one solution is that it makes it a lot easier to grow. Previously, opening new workshops involved signing new, separate agreements for terminals and acquiring. This led to Carglass having to handle a large amount of different leasing agreements for terminals, with different terms. Now, however, Carglass has a running agreement with Bambora where they simply add new terminals for new workshops as needed.

“It’s a relief to only have one supplier and one contact point. We open up new workshops from time to time and when we get the terminals they are completely preconfigured and we just have to plug them in and start getting paid”, Arne Berger concludes.