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Bambora Reports – Helps your business

Hero reports Hero reports Placehoder
4 MAY 2020

3 min read

Everything that facilitate the daily work of running a business is worth a lot. To easily get an overview of your day-to-day business as well as analyze your business in-depth, are for sure things that can help you to take control and also reduce administration. This is easily done with Bambora Reports where you have several features that can help your business grow.

When having a payment solution from Worldline, you always get access to our online reporting tool Bambora Reports. A tool that gives you a clear overview with all the information you need about your transactions and payouts collected in one place. In addition to a clear overview, you can also search for and examine individual transactions as well as download smart reports that gives you new insights into your business. Here are some of the main benefits with Bambora Reports:

Analyze your payouts – facilitate accounting

If you have a payment solution from Worldline, you can easily see and analyze your payouts and total turnover in Bambora Reports. Service fees charged by Worldline are paid automatically through deductions from payouts done by Worldline to you. In this way, you never have to think about “paying the service fees” since it’s constantly done automatically. This feature facilitates accounting greatly by being able to see exactly how much you’ve paid for your payment solution each month. The payouts can be presented in a report with all the information needed. You can either send the report to your accountant or you can invite him or her directly to your Bambora Reports. According to Worldline’s customers, this is the main benefit of Bambora Reports as it reduces a lot of administration in terms of accounting.

Merge or separate sales locations

With Bambora Reports you can see all your transactions processed by Worldline. When having more than one sales location or payment solution from Worldline, it can be favorable to be able to either merge or separate the reporting for your different sales locations. For example, if you have multiple stores and also a web shop, you can easily see which one performs the best as well as merge all locations to see your total turnover. Or if you for example have a hotel, maybe you want to distinguish between your terminal in the reception, the restaurant and the bar. No matter if you want to merge or separate sales locations, this feature gives you a better overview of your business and turnover as a whole.

Online features

If you have Worldline’s online payment solution Bambora Checkout there are three important features that are made through Bambora Reports. The first feature is captures; when you have sent the product to the customer you do a capture in the portal in order to receive your money. The second one is refunds; online refunds are made in Bambora Reports. The third feature refers to the checkout window where you will receive information in the portal of how to integrate the window into your web shop. You can also customize and change the appearance of your checkout window directly in the portal.

Bambora Bonus

Bambora Bonus is a referral program where you can refer a friend that would be interested in a payment solution from Worldline. If your friend signs up for a payment solution, both of you will get €50 in free transaction fees.


Loans are available for merchants with Worldline acquiring (as of April 2020, loans are offered through Growth Finance in Sweden, Denmark and Finland). You apply for the loan directly in Bambora Reports. Your available credit is based on sales volumes processed by Worldline. The loan is paid out within 24 hours and automatic repayments are then deducted from the your payouts. Read more about how a Worldline merchant used our loan service in order to finance its growth here.

Multiple users

If you need to share information about your transactions with accountants or other employees, you can also create new users in the portal and control their access to different views.

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