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Paving the way for easy parking payments

Giant leap Giant leap Placehoder
13 DECEMBER 2019

When the EU’s new rules for strong customer authentication (SCA) came into effect in September, parking apps were one segment that faced a big payments challenge. Together with Giant Leap, a Nordic leader in parking apps, Bambora put together a solution that helped turn that challenge into a business opportunity.

Giant Leap is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of mobile platform solutions and the company has established itself as the go-to supplier for parking apps, both for municipalities and private parking companies. Today, Bambora serves multiple parking apps, both in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and is one of the preferred suppliers of payments solutions for Giant Leap.

The secret behind the success of Giant Leap’s parking apps is simplicity. The platform offers companies and municipalities an easy, end-to-end solution for their parking payments and tickets, while also making it easy for the users of the app to pay and keep track of their parking.

This focus on simplicity and ease-of-use also means that Giant Leap needs a payment partner who can provide reliable and easy payments, which has been a great fit for Bambora and our strive to simplify the whole payment experience.

PSD2 posed new challenges
When the EU introduced its new payment service directive, PSD2, parking payments was one of the areas affected. The demand for strong customer authentication (SCA), meant that customers now had to verify their identity each time they made an electronic payment. PSD2 does contain an exemption for unattended parking terminals, but since parking apps aren’t covered by the exemption users of Giant Leap’s apps would now have to do an authentication every time they park.

Realizing that this would pose a challenge for Giant Leap, and would negatively impact the user experience, Bambora started looking at how the SCA exemptions for online payments could be used instead. The solution lied in changing the way a transaction is initiated and moving from a customer initiated transactions (CIT) to a merchant initiated transaction (MIT), the latter being exempted of SCA under the PSD2 regulation.

To allow Giant Leap’s customers to utilize these exemptions, Bambora decided to move them over to the Ogone platform, run by Ingenico ePayments. This modern platform can both handle the complex nature of SCA exemptions while also offering great robustness and unrivaled up-time.

“By working actively with these exemptions we turned the challenge of PSD2 into an opportunity and Giant Leap has actually seen an increase in acceptance rates since the move was completed”, says Managing Director Peter Nilsson at Bambora and Giant Leap’s CEO, Atgeir Takle, agrees.

“Bambora have been really proactive in working to secure that we can continue to provide a good customer experience in our parking apps. It’s really important for us to make sure that our payments remain simple and a positive experience for our customers”.