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Alternative payment solutions

6 APRIL 2020

5 min read

Do you sometimes wish that you could sell your products/services and get paid for them even though your customers are not able to come to you? Then alternative payment solutions may be something for you. Payment methods are evolving, and the number of different payment solutions is increasing. The reason for this evolvement is because the market is adapting to new trends as well as consumers' changing purchasing behaviors.

In today's society, it can be good to have the opportunity to charge your customers in several different ways and through several different channels than just with your card terminal in a physical store. Did you know that Worldline also offers payment solutions for online, phone and email? For us at Worldline, the goal is to make payments easy, both for you as a merchant and for your customers. By offering your customers more payment solutions, you give the customers greater choice and increased flexibility. Gather all your payment solutions at Worldline and let us take full responsibility for your payments.


If your business is not present online, it may be easy to lose a lot of customers. In 2019, 94% of the Nordic population shopped online, which corresponds to approximately 19.6 million consumers. These consumers shopped at an average estimated value of € 769 per person. In other words, there is a great market potential to take your business online. If you are thinking of opening a web shop, it is important to find the right payment solution for your particular business. You can read more about how to choose the right solution here. Bambora offers the online solution Bambora Checkout where you easily can get started with your new payment solution. No matter what your web shop looks like, Bambora Checkout is easy to integrate. All you need to do to get started is to add a few lines of code or install a plug-in. All updates are then done automatically. Bambora Checkout is also designed for the most popular mobile payment services in every market in order to meet your customers' needs.

For you who already is a customer at Worldline, there are many benefits of having the same supplier for all payment solutions. Perhaps the main benefits are that you have the same support regardless of payment solution and that you can manage all your payments in Bambora Reports.

Invoice payments

Invoice and installment payments are payment methods that increases the freedom of choice for your customers and which have become increasingly popular with consumers, especially for unexpected expenses and larger purchases. In the Nordic region, 20% prefer to pay by invoice when buying online. For you as a merchant, the disadvantage of invoice payments is that you don’t receive your money immediately but may have to wait several weeks. In collaboration with Walley, Worldline has developed an easier way to offer invoice payments to your customers. As a merchant you will receive your money the next banking day as usual, and thus avoid both credit risk and administration. For you as a merchant, invoice payments can therefore help to even out sales over the month and increase your total sales. For customers, the major advantage is that, after receiving the invoice, they can choose to either pay the full amount in 14 days or pay it off in installments for up to 24 months.


Is your business not suitable for having a web shop but you still want to be able to offer your customers the opportunity to pay remotely? Then it can be good to have the opportunity to charge your customers via either phone, email or SMS.

With Worldline's MO-TO solution, you as a merchant receive the customer's card number over the phone, then enter the number into your web terminal and the purchase is completed. This can be a good solution for you who, for example, has a restaurant and want to be able to charge for take-away and/or home delivery without being connected to an existing online solution.


Worldline's solution PayByLink works as a "virtual terminal". With this solution, you can easily charge customers who are not physically present in your store through payment links. You share the link with the customer via SMS or email by sending an invoice for the purchase together with a URL. The URL takes the customer to a payment window that refers to the invoice’s number and amount. This payment solution is very secure for both you as a merchant and for your customers as the customer clicks on a unique one-time payment link, fills in their card details themselves and the purchase is verified through 3D Secure.

Are you in need of alternative ways of charging your customers? Or do you want to open a web shop, get paid by invoice, phone or email? Contact us and we will help you to find the best solution for you and your company. Whatever option you choose, we at Worldline always offer:

  • Fast settlements - just like before, you have the money in your account the next banking day.
  • Easy to get started - sign up today and start accept payments within 48 hours.
  • Bambora Reports - you can manage your payments and download reports in the same system you use today and follow up how your new alternative payment solutions are used.
  • One support - you only have one contact, no matter what.


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