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5 smart terminal features

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4 min read

For most merchants, the card terminal is just a piece of hardware that accepts card payment. But if you look closer you will see that your terminal can do a lot more than just accept cards. Here are five terminal features that you might have missed but that can actually help you run your business.

Even if you don’t think a lot about it, your payment terminal does play an important role in the shopping experience. Nearly every customer interacts with it when they make a purchase, and having a fast and reliable terminal is a good way to ensure happier customers.

Beyond being fast and reliable, our payment terminals also offer a lot of other services and features that you might have missed. Here are five of those features that can improve the shopping experience, attract more customers or just make life a little easier.

Dynamic currency conversion

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a great feature for shops, restaurants and hotels with a lot of foreign customers. By activating DCC in your terminal you can make it easier for tourists and business travelers to know how much their items cost by letting them pay in their own currency.

With DCC, the amount is presented in both your local currency and the customer’s currency when they put their card in the terminal. The customer then chooses which currency to pay in. If they choose their own currency, the currency exchange is done by Bambora directly in the terminal, at a competitive exchange rate. It’s an easy, fast and helpful way to improve the shopping experience for visiting customers.

Cashier ID

This simple but smart feature can be a good tool for creating better efficiency. By letting your staff enter their individual Cashier ID in the terminal you can easily separate who sold what and when. This can be useful if you want to arrange a sales competition, for example, or if you have set up specific sales target for each staff member.

You can also use this feature to separate different product categories. By using different Cashier IDs for different products types, you get an easy way of seeing how much you’ve sold of each category by the end of each day.


People are using less and less cash and that might be a real issue if you run a restaurant, hotel, taxi company or some other business were people have traditionally given tips. Luckily, our terminals allow you to accept tips from card payments in an easy way.

If the tipping feature is activated, the customer is presented with the amount of the purchase and is then asked to enter the “final amount”. That way, customers can choose themselves if they want to give a tip, and how much to tip, by just pushing a few buttons.

Mobile payments

Over the past few years, contactless cards have grown a lot in popularity. What haven’t taken hold yet are mobile payments that use the same technology. With services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, customers can hold their phones up to the terminal and make a quick contactless purchase. Since people already walk around with their phones in their hands, this is an even faster and more convenient way to shop than contactless cards.

All Bamboras terminals are equipped to receive contactless cards and, therefore, can also accept these mobile payments. By letting your customers know that they can also pay by phone, you can give the whole shopping experience a new dimension of speed and convenience.

Automatic settlements

In order to get the money from your card transactions paid out to your account, you need to do daily settlements in your terminals. This process is fairly quick and easy but if you’re in a hurry or you have a lot of terminals you do run the risk of forgetting and getting your payouts delayed.

To make life a little easier for you, we offer automatic settlements in our terminals. All you need to do is contact us and we will activate this service that automatically settles your card payments every night. That way you can save a little time and get a little more peace of mind.