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24: the merchant onboarding experience


24 The Merchant Onboarding Experience V3 24 The Merchant Onboarding Experience V3 Placehoder
1 min read

There’s a lot you can pack into 24 hours these days. That includes, amazingly, merchant onboarding for ISVs. To prove it, here’s how that particular plot might unfold in real time using the Bambora Connect platform.

11:30am Thursday: You receive the final OK from a new merchant – it’s time to start onboarding. As an ISV, you’ve already signed up to Bambora Connect and integrated payments into your POS. That took just 20 minutes.

11:38am: A few clicks and the process is underway using Bambora Connect. The new merchant details have been added and the contract has been sent for a digital signature.

11:45am: The merchant requires a number of payment devices to be integrated with their POS systems. With a few clicks, these plug and play devices are ordered direct from Bambora for speedy delivery.

14:00pm: Meanwhile at the new merchant, training is underway for their new venture into mPOS, with staff talking through serving in-store and queue-busting.

14:10pm: The merchant returns the signed digital contract.

10:58am Friday: Your pre-configured device can immediately connect with POS systems.

11:00am: The first customer payment is acquired on the floor within 24 hours, and transactional and payout information is now accessible by the merchant through a single digital portal. The impossible is achieved – with several minutes to spare!