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Bambora Academy 2019

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Bambora Academy will be filled with great professional and social activities. You will have the opportunity to meet Bamborians from different offices, learn from each other and celebrate our joint success! The Academy is a great place to have fun, get to know many new colleagues and to make sure they also have fun!

Below are answers to some practical questions you may have.

Where is the event?

Bambora Academy takes place at the conference venue and the ball room of Clarion Sign Hotel in Stockholm City, near the central station. All Bamborians flying in from outside the Stockholm area will also be staying at the hotel for the night.

When is the event?

The main event starts on Saturday Dec 7 at 10:30 a.m. sharp and ends with the Bambora Awards Dinner in the evening. We expect the Awards Dinner to be finished by 23:00 and thereafter the party will continue until we feel that we have had enough. Our own Kristian Kotta will be behind the turntables!

Given that there will be quite a few Bamborians at the Academy, we encourage everyone to plan to arrive at Clarion Sign Hotel no later than 10:00 a.m.

We will arrange a "coffee & mingle" session from 9:30 - 10:30 so that you can meet up with colleagues and friends from different offices and get in the "right mood" before we start.

What about my accomodation?

All Bamborians from outside the Stockholm area will stay at the hotel and transportation to and from the airport will be arranged for all of you.

We will share rooms. Room sharing will be done with colleagues from the same office and of the same gender.

All travel and hotel information will be shared in detail a couple of weeks before the event, so stay tuned!

I am a Bamborian at the Stockholm Office - What about me?

We have not made any hotel reservations for you so you can sleep in your own bed! We encourage you to arrive at Clarion Sign Hotel no later than 10:00 a.m. on Saturday so that you can prepare for the event and meet up with your colleagues from around the Bambora world.

We will arrange so that there are rooms available for you to change before the dinner, should you want to wear something more fancy for the Awards Dinner!

What does the program for the academy look like?

A more detailed timetable will be presented a couple of days before the Academy. It will contain a mix of inspiring speakers from Bambora and lngenico, interesting external speakers, as well as break­out sessions and exciting discussions.

I heard rumours about the Bambora Film Awards - what is that?

Yes! During the 4 weeks leading up to the Academy, there will be an opportunity for everyone to participate in making the Academy an unforgettable event! All offices will be asked to produce a 90-120 seconds long trailer for Bambora! We will show all the trailers at the event and there will be great prices for Best Picture, Best Cast & Team and Funniest Production.

Stay tuned, Film Awards Team will soon let you know more about how you can participate!

What else can tell us about the awards dinner?

In addition to having fun, meeting colleagues and competing for the Bambora Film Awards, we will also hand out some more serious awards that highlight and reward colleagues who have done "something extra" over the past year. P&P will circulate information on how you can nominate colleagues who you believe should get some extra recognition!

We call it the Zebraff Awards 2019

What about the dresscode?

During the day: dress comfortably as you would for any conference.
During the night: do the same but with a party twist! The theme of the Awards Dinner and party will be "Winter Wonderland" so feel free to dress according to your own interpretation of that theme.

There will be changing rooms available for all Stockholm Bamborians to add that twist between the day and night...

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Clarion Hotel is close to Central station